1 Feta cheese balls recipe

Greek Feta Cheese balls recipe

Feta balls with nuts recipe

Feta cheese balls with sesame & nuts
 ·  600 gr Greek Feta cheese
 ·  100 gr fresh milk
 ·  100 gr Greek strained yogurt
 ·  3 spoonful's fresh oregano - finely chopped
 ·  Sesame seeds, nuts, herbs
In a small pot, heat the milk and yogurt mixture. Before it starts to boil remove it from the fire, and add the feta cheese. Whisk the mixture until smooth. Add the oregano, and put in fridge for 3 to 4 hours to tighten. Bake the sesame seeds and nuts for 10 minutes at 170 Cesium degrees and let them cool. Remove the mixture from fridge, we form it into balls and then roll them over the seeds.
Tip: One pretty way to serve them is on a wooden stick, with cherry tomatoes that have the same shape. Combined well with wine!